The article discusses predictions for the future of ecommerce in 2024 based on insights from various industry experts:

  • Operational Agility: Success in ecommerce will depend on understanding and meeting customer expectations through operational agility, adapting to market changes, supply chain disruptions, and evolving consumer behaviors
  • The MACH Stack: Ecommerce businesses are advised to focus on building a tech stack that enables operational flexibility, emphasising the role of the ecommerce platform and avoiding the need for frequent re-platforming
  • ‘Multi-local’ Commerce: As online shopping becomes more global, brands are encouraged to embrace a multi-local commerce strategy, offering a seamless buying experience to customers worldwide
  • Owned Channels, Owned Audiences: With cookie depreciation and rising competition on third-party channels, the emphasis is on owning and optimising first-party data and channels to ensure better customer experiences and successful ecommerce performance
  • Bread and Butter Machine Learning: The article highlights the importance of practical applications of AI, particularly in machine learning functions, such as recommendation engines and conversational commerce, to enhance the shopping experience
  • Fast-Format Delivery: Rapid and fast-format delivery services are expected to continue to influence customer purchasing decisions. Retailers are advised to present delivery options early in the customer journey
  • Localised Fulfilment and Last-Mile Sustainability: A shift towards sustainable logistics practices, including the use of electric vehicles, and the rise of local fulfillment centers are anticipated for a more responsive and customer-focused ecommerce logistics landscape
  • Post-purchase Personalisation: Personalised post-purchase communication is seen as a key strategy to transform one-time buyers into repeat purchasers, fostering brand loyalty through high-engagement communications
  • Omnichannel Mergers and Acquisitions: The omnichannel landscape is expected to be shaped by mergers and acquisitions as retail brands seek to expand market share and global reach
  • Starting with the Customer: A reminder that great customer experience starts with understanding customers, their needs, and using data and feedback loops to identify and address issues in the customer journey


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