This article outlines the "Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2024" according to Gartner, a leading research organisation. These trends are expected to significantly impact businesses and technology decisions over the next 36 months.

These trends are expected to have a profound impact on businesses, and organisations are encouraged to prioritise and plan their adoption based on their specific strategic goals and needs.

Here is a summary of each trend:

  • AI as Partner (AITRiSM): This trend focuses on leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) for trust, risk management, and security to enhance decision-making
  • BeSafe (Continuous Threat Exposure Management - CTEM): Emphasises the continuous management of cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities
  • Protect the Future: Sustainable Technology: Encourages the use of technology for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) outcomes to support long-term ecological balance and human rights
  • Developer-Driven Self-Service: Platform Engineering: Promotes the creation of self-service internal platforms for developers to accelerate application development
  • Accelerate Creation: AI-Augmented Development: Involves the use of AI technologies to assist software engineers in creating, testing, and delivering applications
  • Tailor Your Tailor’s Work: Industry Cloud Platforms: Focuses on industry-specific cloud platforms designed to address unique business needs
  • Optimise Decision-Making: Intelligent Applications: Augmenting consumer and business applications with AI and connected data to enhance decision-making
  • Power and Responsibility: Democratised Generative AI: The democratisation of generative AI tools to automate tasks and enhance productivity
  • Push the Pioneers: Augmented Connected Workforce: A strategy to optimise the value delivered by human staff by integrating intelligent technology and skill augmentation
  • Buyers With Byte(s): Machine Customers: Addresses the emergence of nonhuman economic actors that purchase goods and services in exchange for paymen

The text emphasises the importance of aligning these trends with an organisation's business goals and current starting position. It also highlights the need for responsible governance and the importance of employee training and well-being in adopting these technologies.


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