really know your customers

Did you know that our AI marketing automation platform records users' behaviours and uses machine-learning to auto-profile users and qualify your leads?

It can also:

  • trigger SMS', emails and personalise any part of any page on your AI site - imagine, even at the simplest level, being able to tune your home page for customers Vs non-customers
  • execute 100s of automated marketing and business process journeys for every one of thousands of users in real-time, 24x7x365 days of the year - even anonymous visitors...
  • generate automated e-newsletters based on your blog content but personalise every email to only include articles known to be of interest to each recipient
  • use all of the profile and behavioural data gathered to inform sales calls to improve conversion rates
  • use lead-scoring to qualify your prospects and pop them out of the funnel when they are ripe to be contacted
  • manage full business processes from a prospect's interest to order, fulfillment and beyond, with every step controlled to perfection and audited

It takes a bold step but we're here to assist and ensure your success...

properly reward and service your customers

If you are scaling up, it's even more important to understand how you can continue to deliver exemplary service:

  • automate offers and promotions for customers based on their orders
  • automate renewals
  • automate satsifaction and rating surveys - ask their opinion - learn from genuine feedback
  • make it easy to enquire, purchase, return products, update their preferences and comply with the GDPR (support is built into our AI solution) 
  • make it easy to deliver the right levels of personal customer service and make your customers feel appreciated, without increasing your overheads

The benefits can be staggeringly impactful, even for small organisations...

generate qualified leads and close them

Use advanced MA tools to link sales to marketing spend:

  • our AI MA system provides the conduit between sales and marketing
  • marketing leads and associated profile information can be sent to sales once auto-qualified
  • customers previous behaviours and past orders can inform the generation of automated promotions
  • time-based promotions and other promotions can be built for any aspect of your product portfolio and delivered personally to customers via SMS and emails 

scaling your organisation may involve the need to have disparate technologies talking to each other...

make your technology work for you and not the other way around!

Full organisational process (aka enterprise) automation delivers:

  • measurability
  • reliability
  • repeatability
  • agility
  • dependability
  • scalability

When we can deliver you:

  • more qualified leads
  • better customer services direct to customers online
  • the ability to grow your organisation while potentially even reducing your overheads

Realistically, is there any reason why you shouldn't be talking to us now (even if it's tentative)?

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Case Study - Empire Bespoke Foods

A long-standing customer and major food manufacturer and distributor whose AI-based solution delivers 1000s of products, secure access, e-commerce integrated directly with Sage and marketing automation

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