enabling your future means leveraging digital technologies and working with a team that will help transform your organisation

Who would you rather do this with, an inexperienced freelancer, a large, expensive, profit-oriented London agency or the S-Digital Sweetspot?

Here are some more rational arguments, we hope you might consider:

  • we're not too big that you can't speak to your favourite S-D team member everytime you call or meet-up
  • we're not too small that we can't handle multiple large projects simultaneously or deliver large-scale business-changing solutions
  • we use ISO 9001 processes
  • we're brilliant at communicating, innovating and solving problems that even other agencies come to us for!

It takes a bold step but we're here to assist and ensure your success...

still don't have the means to sell or service buying intentions online?

if you have not taken the e-commerce leap yet:

  • you do really need to enable this part of your business - it's generally not complicated or risky - even if your products and services are complex offerings, there are always solutions that can be found
  • if technically, e-commerce represents too large a challenge then again, please speak to us, we're genuinely great at teasing out technological solutions or taking a phased approach
  • our system generates:
    • automate promotions
    • generate leads
    • manage sales and payments
    • automate renewals, payments, direct debits, etc 

The benefits can be staggeringly impactful, even for small organisations...

e-enable your network and channels now

what can we do for manufacturers and distributors?

  • provide a manufacturers portal for distributors to check inventory, pricing, create projects, get product information, upload sales data, find equivalent products when stock is low on their first option
  • provide distributors with direct line access manufacturing experts, gain information quickly and effortlessly, have access to past orders, projects, data sheets and other records
  • provide both with self-service functions, account management and appropriate contacts
  • provide portal-owners with permissions and privilege management for users
  • use data held outside of AI for products, pricing, orders and embellish this online with access to documents, images, videos, 3D files, dynamically generated datasheets and other documents  

enabling your network to access mission critical information, accurately and quickly eases your support costs and delivers a better service - please see our case study for OMRON and others

So, how are we going to make you more competitive?

When you work with us, we have all the tools and expertise to generate:

  • a better web site than your competitors
  • improved quality of traffic via SEO, paid advertising and our inbound marketing solutions
  • the means to profile and auto-segment your anonymous and known visitors
  • the means to leverage this to generate personalised touch points and marketing campaigns
  • the means to offer automation across the business to ensure that your online services beat the competitions
  • deliver self service to improve customer satisfaction while reducing your overheads
  • deliver scale to your business allowing us to continue working with you to deliver even larger ROI 

Realistically, is there any reason why you shouldn't be talking to us now (even if it's tentative)?

Call or email us now

Case Studies - Omron (EU and Americas)

17 years ago, we developed the Omron Distributor portal, a powerful access point for Omron's distributors in Europe and the Americas. Our solution is being developed, refined and extended continuously; more recently with features for e-learning, advanced reporting dashboards and tighter integration with JD Edwards (ERP). We've assembled three bite-sized case studies for you, linked below.

If you are a manufacturer or sell your products through intermediaries then please contact us, as we can likely add a lot of value, automation, auditability and consistency to all of your interactions. Please just call us to find out how.

Find out more - Omron EU

ind out more - Omron Dashboards

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