When we deliver you an enterprise / marketing automation solution, all sorts of amazing things happen:

  • your organisation grows but your effort levels drop
  • you can measure things you couldn't before (which means you can also find ways to optimise your processes)
  • there are fewer human errors
  • your staff are more productive and have more time to improve your organisation in other ways
  • you understand your customers better and can deliver more of what they want, more easily and more effectively

It takes a bold step but we're here to ensure your success...


When the information relating to each stage of a business process is carried forward by your automation:

  • staff no longer need to rely on paper, shared spreadsheets or their memory
  • staff simply update process information as needed and the information is then passed onto the next role/stage in the workflow automatically
  • every step through every process is logged; reporting tools often reveal highly insightful results
  • customers can be auto-notified when an order (or any other data) moves from one process stage to another, such as an order progressing from payment to manufacture to fulfilment to tracking and even returns

These benefits can be staggeringly impactful, even for small organisations...


It's not just about growth but managing the scaling up process:

  • when customers can self-serve online and have control, your staff need to do less and inbound calls reduce
  • you can scale up your lead-gen and sales without a battalion of people to do the execution
  • staff can remain focussed on customer excellence and improvements to support the upward trend
  • we will still be here to help with any organisational challenges and well-designed technologies/UIs can deliver even more business-changing benefits later on...

Scaling your organisation involves considering and optimising your processes and data - this alone is an invaluable exercise but then automating takes it to another level...


It's imperative to have your online technologies talk to your back-office:

  • stop the manual processing:
    • manage data once, e.g. your products live in your ERP, we can synchronise them online
    • setup your e-commerce and inject orders directly into Sage, Xero or equivalent
    • have the processes driven by and update your inventory automatically
    • automate supplies through web site purchase integration
  • form completions, email click throughs, downloads, video watches and a huge variety of other user behaviours can synchronise data directly with Salesforce, MS Dynamics and other back-office systems to auto-profile users

When these technologies work together, you further improve efficiencies and reduce staff overheads. Moreover, you can now expose new 'competitor-beating' features online...


Find out how our solution allowed MedicAlert UK to take over £3M of sales online, process 0.5M staff 'jobs', automate and despatch 100,000s of emails and printed letters, deliver seamless e-commerce, secure the sensitive medical information of over 50,000+ members and allow all members access to self-serve to improve service levels and reduce overheads...

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