A New Year is here and with it arrives heaps of opportunity to break free from digital limitations and open up new possibilities for your organisation.

There are so many pundits trying to predict digital marketing trends for 2023 (as they do every year ;o) but, if you want a peek at the most credible, please look below:

It's quite a diverse range of predictions but there are some definite themes that arise:

  • Use of short videos - driven by Google shorts, TikTok and your site's content
  • Use of AI and automation to trigger personalised content and highly engaging touch points
  • e-Commerce everything, as always
  • Leveraging and integrating social platforms even more effectively

We can help you harness all of these opportunities, often in a much more capable (especially personalisaton of web and email content!), flexible and cost effective manner than the expensive and rigid US-based software offerings like HubSpot and we can integrate our systems with yours! 

We'd love to work with you to help you achieve all of your web and digital goals for 2023, please contact us.

Finally, a Happy New Year to you and please watch this space for some important announcements regarding new and very innovative artifical intelligence and automation capabilities that we are developing in our Absolutely Interactive CMS and digital marketing solutions... 


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