The Benefits of AI

THE 'GO TO' CHOICE: Straight out of the box, AI can accommodate any responsive web site's information architecture and all content management needs, including compliant multi-lingual sites, portals, eCommerce, lead scoring, form creation, back-office integration, email marketing and advanced marketing automation / business automation capabilities

AI also supports advanced digital marketing capabilities, insightful reporting dashboards, e-learning tools, centralised CRM and asset management

With AI, you can also personalise any parts of any pages on your site for any individual or group of people - no other CMS can do that - See our demonstration at the bottom of the page!

AI is responsive and access-controlled

You can access AI from anywhere to update your site, deliver email campaigns, check in on activity reports or orders. You can also lock down access to any IP addresses you like.

Thus, our AI architecture (shown below) is key to assisting in delivering your long-term organisational needs. For the future, AI also offers email marketing, marketing automation, Enterprise automation, third-party integration, eCommerce, e-learning alongside our digital marketing consultancy and support services.

Check out our v5 updates

AI Architecture and Interface

More Benefits of AI

Modular model

AI is modular and we can turn any module on and off for your needs and customise any of them too, including providing full back-office CRM, ERP and Accounts integration

Secure model

Our AI solutions have passed PCI-compliance tests by customers such as Barclays Bank security teams

SEO and compliant model

All of our AI solutions are optimised for Search Engines, accord with web standards and can deliver GDPR compliance

Expandable model

It is also possible for us to build full business process automation solutions from the AI framework - really any option is possible and can be added later, even if you are just setting out with a new web site to start with

Cost effective model

All of the core AI CMS features are free of charge and fully maintained and can be hosted  using your choice of two of the best ISPs in the world, namely Amazon Web Services (AWS) or RackSpace with whom we have partner relationships

Check out our v5 updates

Authentication, accounts, secure portals and membership systems

So, your initial site would be highly dynamic when delivering publicly accessible pages but we can easily turn on login/authentication processes linked to your CRM (or AI's built-in CRM) that identifies known individuals/accounts alongside their company, role, profile and privileges.

This enables them to securely access more advanced features online such as your store, documentation/contracts/SLAs, execute self-serve support functions that will save time and reduce staff intervention, etc. You can also automate subscriptions, renewal functions, personalised customer management options, advanced preference centres and full business process automation capabilities that are content managed to match your organisational processes.

Using AI Containers

Container Personalisation - Try it!

See a powerful example of AI Personalisation in action:

If you have an AI Marketing Automation license then you can build multiple 'variants' of any page, with one or more of your containers/content specifically tuned to the person or segment that is looking at the page. This level of personalisation is rarely available even in the most expensive of enterprise-level content management systems.

Here's a quick but powerful demonstration - after each click close the tab to come back here:

  1. Click this link to visit our home page in a new tab. Note the main video banner and introductory wording 
  2. Click this link to log an invisible ‘page visit’ event/behaviour within our MA system
  3. Click this link to go back to the same home page and see what’s changed!
  4. Click this link to revert your previous behaviour (and reset the personalisation)
  5. Click this link to see that the home page has reverted back to normal

The example demonstrates how your home page could show any alternative personalisation based on your prospects’ industry and/or past behaviours but, with Containers, this applies to any layout, any combination, any page - Personalised and tuned to perfection!