In early 2024 we will rollout AI v5.1. This is a Game Changer as it will include our new Articifial Intelligence updates:

  • Automation of User Profile/Behavioural recognition and automated allocation of all users (even anonymous) to content managed Cohorts
  • Self-Optimising Marketing Automation (SOMA) then significantly increases the chances of achieving your organisation's desired outcomes (sales/upsells, customer engagement, productivity improvements, etc) by automating the optimal content and timings of personalised Touch Points/Communications to individual Cohorts (via machine learning of measured successes)

AI v5.1 also includes a number of performance and bug fix updates

Later in 2024, we have even more exciting updates that we'll announce in detail nearer the time. These include:

  • Optionally create your emails and despatch your AI email campaigns via MailerSend, to provide improved authoring capabilities and increase deliverability rates even further
  • Use MA Steps that execute external API calls and receive third-party events that trigger MA workflows too, for even deeper integration of your site with CRM, ERP, Accounts packages, etc
  • Create your content once and distribute to any endpoints using a compliant standardised Hybrid Headless capability
  • and more...

As we approach Christmas 2024, we wish you a happy Christmas and a positively Transformational 2024!

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