We are proud to announce one of our clients MedicAlert has partnered with the UK Emergency Services to integrate the Herbert Protocol into their AI MA driven system.

What is the Herbert Protocol? It is a simple risk reduction tool to be used when an adult with care and support needs goes missing. It consists of a form that contains vital information about a person at risk that can be passed to the police at the point the person is reported missing.

The initiative is named after George Herbert, a war veteran of the Normandy landings, who lived with dementia. George Herbert died whilst 'missing', trying to find his childhood home.

People living with dementia sometimes wander, or walk with purpose, and may become lost or confused about their location. This might only be into the garden or street for a short time, but sometimes people get lost and are reported missing.

Carers, family or friends of a vulnerable person, or the person themselves, can fill in a Herbert Protocol form in advance, containing information to help the police if a person goes missing. It allows search efforts to be focused efficiently by providing an understanding of who is being looked for, what they have done previously and what they’re likely to do in the future. Using a Herbert Protocol is a proven search strategy, reducing time and assisting in a safe return home.

Whilst the MedicAlert system, developed by S-Digital, supports anyone living with a medical condition, the latest updates allows members living with dementia, autism, or cognitive impairment to be recognised through their online medical record and be advised to complete an official document used by the Emergency Services. Once completed, members and their advocates will be regularly advised to ensure their details are up-to-date, helping to protect the ones they love.


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