We have various ways to deliver SMS support to increase your marketing channels.

The most powerful is to incorporate SMS messaging into your existing AI automated marketing journeys; sending SMS where it will be quicker and more direct than sending emails for instance.

Here's a quick overview of SMS marketing basics to introduce the subject - please contact us for more information.

1. Why SMS?

SMS delivers a higher read rate than any other channel at around 98%.

A direct and relevant SMS can really create a valuable touch point, where other forms just won't connect.

2. When SMS?

Use this channel for authorisations, notifications, one-off triggered offers, geo-located triggers, etc.

Our AI CMS and marketing tools will ensure that SMS' are not sent to anyone who has not consented first however!

3. Welcome SMS

The welcome stage (see our Love - Email Marketing Strategy article for more information) has the highest level of engagement of all tactical marketing stages. Use SMS for a perfect follow-up - a personalised offer or a timely discount to entice deeper levels of activation. Short, snappy and 160 chars or less... use email to follow-up though if you don't engage first time around...

4. Triggered and transactional SMS

Since phones and tablets are the most popular online interactive devices, when an SMS is properly triggered, it appears directly in the hands of your receipient; it's topicality is king and its open rates are at least 10-15% higher than emails.

Use the triggered SMS option for when a user's lead score tops a threshold while they are actually still online, when they are searching for something specific on your site or when they've simply left their basket behind.

Other options include a friendly message on their birthday or a general option to complete a survey for a chance to win something. Lastly, any timely reminder method is also great for renewals, upsells, limited time offers, flash sales, new arrival announcements, service updates (outages), etc.

Transactional SMS is paramount when you really need to get a message across too - 84% of people own a smartphone but nowhere near this number regularly use emails or social platforms. So, when a message to a customer is crucial, say in response to an order or its fulfilment, use SMS, especially if you are lookng for their feedback or ratings later on.

5. Content-driven SMS

Email is certainly your first choice for content distribution but SMS as a faster and can be a more effective way to drive some people to your site.

Depending on your business and customer sectors, you can provide shoer messages to learning resources, webinars, videos, Calls to Action, time-limited content.

Most consumers (c. 70%) agree that SMS marketing is a great way for businesses to get their attention. So, what are you waiting for?

6. Referrals SMS

Why not offer a referral program that gifts vouchers or discounts to friends and referrers using SMS and a (tiny) link. It could be a really great way to increase your marketing and customer database...

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