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Tillery Valley - brand and web site relaunch

made logoTillery Valley (TV) were recently aquired from Sodexo by Joubere. TV deliver over 1.5 million meals a week to Hospitals, NHS Trusts, other public sector and private organisations like the London Underground.

We have been involved in the redesign of the TV brand (called Made) and the redesign / build of their new site, which will launch in late 2021.

Rebranding Tillery Valley

We performed all of the design work with Sodexo and created mock-ups and then built the site for TV. Sodexo (who we have worked with for two decades) were actively involved in assisting the content population

Tight budget and timeframes

The site was built very cost-effectively using our AI CMS and Container technologies - allowing a very free-hand in page creation and layout, without any issues occurring across any devices - mobile or otherwise

A framework for the future

We built using our award winning AI CMS and Digital Marketing platform - no matter what TV's plans are, we can deliver them; be it e-commerce, integrations, online ordering, customer portal, resources, etc

Containers plus Personalisation!

Our AI Containers are a fabulous way to build highly interactive, flexible, responsive and extensible web sites with full control of page layouts - to grow from a launch site to a full-breadth / depth site over time.

When you add Containers and MA together!

If you have a AI Marketing Automation then you can build multiple 'variants' of any page with one or more of your containers/content specifically tuned to the person or segment that is looking at the page! This level of personalisation is not even available in the most expensive of enterprise content management systems.

Here's a quick but powerful demonstration:

  1. Click this link to visit our home page in a new tab. Note the main video banner and introductory wording then close the new tab to get back to this page
  2. Click this link to log an invisible ‘page visit’ event/behaviour within our MA system
  3. Click this link to go back to the same home page and see what’s changed!
  4. Click this link to revert your previous behaviour (and reset the personalisation)
  5. Click this link to see that the home page has reverted back to normal

The example demonstrates how your home page can show any alternative personalisation based on your prospects’ industry and/or past behaviours but, with Containers, this applies to any layout, any combination, any page - personalised and tuned to perfection!

Read more about Containers

Modern brand and design

The Made brand is well-conceived and modern in terms of:

  • Customer Intelligence - Clearly aimed at a well understood and defined target audience
  • Brand Positioning - This sets the tone and expresses Made's core personality and future aspirations
  • Key Messages - Made's brand clearly represents the organisation's overall aims and goals with clearly defined statements
  • Visuals - The brand is instantly recognisable and displays a clear and recognisable logo, typography, gorgeous imagery and colour palette
  • Content - Expressing the brand's products and unique propositions through engaging and information content is key

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