What is Marketing Automation (MA)?

MA is a indispensible tool in any digital marketer's arsenal as, even in its simplest form, it facilitates 'customer journeys', captures user events and triggers emails. Without it, most marketers run blind; merely focussed on driving traffic to their site but not truly understanding their visitors or whether they are actually engaged, or not...

absolutelyinteractive MA (AI MA) goes way beyond the competition (which are normally standalone solutions) because it is deeply integrated with your site and AI's email marketing, SMS and CRM modules. So, you can do things like personalise any part of any page of your site for an individual or a cohort or even anonymous users. These and other advanced and highly beneficial capabilities are unique to AI MA and you will not find their like in any standalone system like HubSpot, MailChimp, InfusionSoft or Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Some benefits of AI MA

Our AI MA platform delivers qualified lead generation, increased revenues, improved conversion rates, increased productivity, personalisation and enhanced customer services

Automated user profiling

Our AI MA solution automates the profiling of known AND anonymous users into Cohorts (based on their online behaviours and prefs), this allows you to personalise any content on the site or in emails!

Power tags and lead scoring

Power tags automate the building a tag cloud for every user - this can be used to qualify leads to sales and give them the information to improve conversion rates and shorten sales cycles (CRO)

Targeted email campaigns

Increase email open and click rates with personalised, relevant content to the right people at the appropriate time

Centralised analytics

Aggregated analytics from several sources provide amazing insights to marketing performance and qualified lead data

Build long-term relationships

MA allows you to nurture customers over the long-term and optimise their automated journeys. It can also be used to build personalised promotions based on past sales, value and loyalty

Increase gains

The automation of repetitive business tasks/workflows reduces costs and allows you to achieve more with fewer staff, e.g. automate service renewals, re-marketing activities, handle returns, etc

Trigger personalised SMS and emails

Use user behaviours, lead score thresholds, calendar events and other time-based countdowns to trigger personalised emails and SMS to individuals, whether as reminders, notifications or rewards

Competitive advantage

Overall, the many benefits provided by AI MA will deliver advantage over your competitors and allow you to innovate

Create unlimited personalised interactions

Our MA solution will run an unlimited number of parallel marketing, sales and other user journeys for all users in real-time. It's like having a team of people working all day and night all year round doing all of the manual and time-critical tasks for a small ongoing cost! 

AI MA User Journeys

Creating user journeys could not be easier than with AI MA, you just drag and drop many different kinds of steps, including conditional branches triggered by simple or arbitrarily complex sequences of user events and user CRM data. Everything is processed in real-time and is measurable. AI MA Journeys can run between set dates and provide reports showing exactly who is at each stage in the customer journey or buying process.

Reporting and Lead Scores

Apply lead scores to reward any user behaviour to also target your email campaigns along with the normal demographic segmentation.

Lead scoring trends also feed detailed reports showing your Hot Prospects. Some examples of user behaviours that can trigger conditional branches in your journeys include;

  • Visiting a page or section within your site(s) (or even external sites using Javascript)
  • Searching for any particular term and/or its variants
  • Downloading any file(s)
  • Receiving, opening, bouncing and click-throughs in any email campaigns or triggered emails sent
  • Watching any video(s)
  • Completing a particular form
  • Clicking a particular button
  • Achieving a certain lead score level
  • Subscribing or registering on your site(s)
  • Adding items to a basket or wishlist 
  • Making an online purchase
  • Matching values within the fields in their CRM record

Explainer Video

Please see our Explainer Video for more about the benefits of MA in general and some of the customers comments on our solution specifically...


Explainer Video

Campaign Management

AbsolutelyInteractive MA allows you to build and manage welcome, re-marketing, abandoned basket, up-sells and cross-sell campaigns. AI MA also supports progressive disclosure and automated user profiling

Unparalleled Power

AbsolutelyInteractive MA delivers unparalleled power, competitive advantage and marketing insights, providing just what overstretched marketing departments need today

Website Personalisation

The entire AbsolutelyInteractive suite provides you with all of the online marketing tools needed within a single administration system, giving you unsurpassed website personalisation, touch-point/brand consistency, analysis/intelligence and lower running costs