Our History

and future...

Back in 1996, Chris Rodbourne seized the opportunity to pursue his various passions for visual design, software development, music and art and build a new company; having been working for many years as a Software Development Manager and CTO in large software houses, he was frustrated by the politics and their lack of agility

The web was burgeoning back then - do you remember the days of multimedia and white web sites with black Times Roman fonts?

This is when S-Digital started, with a clear vision to bridge the beauty of design and the creative aspects of software development to build digital solutions unlike any that had come before



Very quickly, the organisation grew to 25+ people with famous brands on the books like Roland and Sodexo but it was growing too fast and becoming like the larger businesses he had purposely left behind. 9/11 and the .com bubble burst, which had a massive effect on the web industry, so the business was pared down to a core team of under 10 brilliant people - a happy place where it has remained ever since

During the years, we were the first company (that we're genuinely aware of) that designed and built an email marketing platform (over 24 years ago), building our first Marketing Automation platform 17 years ago, building our first multi-lingual B2B portal 12 years ago and our first integrated enterprise automation solution over 6 years ago - to say that we have innovated is a serious understatement.

Today, we are developing more machine-learning / AI-based solutions and extending our automation platforms to do more for businesses. Allowing them to scale, manage their growth, reduce their overheads, deliver more customer and staff satisfaction and, essentially increase our customers' competitive advantage.




Although we are 26 years older and wiser, we're still thinking outside the box and relishing the same untethered passion for delivering elegant, appropriate, innovative and ever more powerful solutions to happy customers!

Please read how our five key values differentiate us, starting with scale