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A solution for The Challenge Network (and now Family Action) that integrates seamlessly with Salesforce to provide an online resource for young people to accept and create volunteering placements, log their hours and access online support.

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After working with The Challenge and the HeadStart team for a number of years, in 2019 we were tasked to not only redesign but create a more intuitive user journey for young people using the HeadStart application website. 

The projects aim was to increase the number of young people who sign up for HeadStart by simplifying the application process; by decreasing the number of steps and amount of information we collect before a young person joins the programme and increasing the amount of information needed after they join.

 It also aims to create an easy to use but engaging HeadStart profile, and a more engaging website

The process evolution

HeadStart wanted to improve the website's application process from the original site, that we built in 2015, as a first priority. With that in mind we broke the initial application process into 3 stages with the rest of the previous application form being moved into the Profile section. This consisted of:

  1. Expression of Interest form (EOI)
  2. A simple choice to choose a HeadStart volunteering partner or add details of a current volunteering opportunity the young person (YP) is already in
  3. Legal and marketing preferences and submission

Once the application is accepted, the YP has the ability to log into their personalised profile section. They firstly get welcomed by a simple guided tour to teach them how to use their profile. The YP then gets their first 3 items to complete on the new to-do list feature, which clearly outlines the next steps for the YP to complete. These items are the rest of the personal details needed to complete the YP's card. 

The complete profile section is now available to the YP. They can now log hours from their volunteering opportunity and book places at a number of relevent events, all the time completing their to-do list and gaining achievements.

Overview and personalisation

The design and UX has been specifically tuned for the target audience and is fully personalised for each logged-in user, including integrated Google Maps showing volunteering opportunities that are local to them. 

Volunteering opportunities and user credentials are integrated with Salesforce and managed by The Challenge on behalf of charities and organisations, including Starbucks and Marks & Spencer.

The project was delivered to budget and deadlines and as well as ongoing support since the launch, we are in discussions to make more updates to the site in 2020.

Our work with charities

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