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This case study outlines our processes, the goals and outcomes for a project to re-design and re-think our long-standing client’s new web solution, which currently delivers over 500,000 HotView articles to 100,000s of worldwide subscribers every week

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About TechMarketView

TechMarketView (TMV) is an organisation of established, tech industry experts whose commentary is read by the thousands of key industry executives every day, including C-suite directors from Accenture, ATOS, Apple, Capita, Civica, Capgemini, etc

TMV editors write multiple articles per day that are published to their site and to external platforms via RSS feeds. New articles are collated and delivered daily to 10,000s of subscribers via AI’s integrated Email Marketing solution. This provides full reporting and analysis on the delivery and consumption of the content

TMV generate revenues from organisation and individual subscriptions (based on a tiered model) to both their daily HotViews articles and industry-leading reports. If an individual’s or corporate’s subscription does not allow access to a specific report, it can be purchased online on a one-off or discounted basis

All content is categorised and tagged allowing subscribers to find reports by subject, company, insights, author, tag and keyword combinations


Redesign on a more significant and modern scale. Deliver more content and layout control. Commercialise content and deliver advanced advertising management


Extensive research and brainstorming undertaken to yield optimal functionality and cost benefits, including the use of a host of new technologies and digital tools


A site to rival / exceed competitor organisations’ (who are many times larger) in terms of presentation and user experience. Improved revenue generation and ease of use


The re-design and re-development of the TMV solution followed significant competitive research by S-Digital and market research by TMV. In truth, despite many of TMV's competitors being global consultancies, we established that the user experience in the marketplace was very poor in many cases. We focussed on:

  • Ensuring that all content data sources were architected to allow rich filtering and search options
  • Designing a search portal and methods to deliver content quickly and accurately, including a 'read later' paradigm 

The TMV solution is built using our AbsolutelyInteractive CMS and digital marketing platform (AI), as shown to the left and out-of-the-box Marketing Automation functions assist TMV in managing sophisticated content personalisation and automated subscription renewal journeys, etc.

The Solution

TMV content is wide-ranging and detailed, with data held in HotViews articles, reports, PDFs and spreadsheets.

Users access advanced searches and filters to retrieve focussed results based on our developed code and SQL tools to deliver high performance.

Content from the site is also delivered to AI-based data repositories for specific customers such as IBM.

AI Containers and flexible design

TMV manage their own content using AI’s advanced Containers architecture, which allow authors to assemble content using any design layouts in any order.

The AI Container interface provides access to over 60 container types to mix and match alongside other fixed and optional layout areas, including:

  • Splash and full screen static / video banners
  • Carousels
  • Built-in or popup Generic Forms
  • Parallax bands
  • One, two, three or four column sections with WYSIWYG content control
  • One to many promo sections with images, icons, calls to action/buttons, etc
  • Video players (YouTube or Vimeo typically)
  • Image/video galleries
  • Maps
  • Background images
  • Logo lists with or without text
  • Side by side (or push-pull) layouts
  • Timelines, etc
  • Many container types include control for CSS3 animations

Each Container is designed to operate across all modern browsers and automatically scale, collapse and respond to the user’s device format and scale, ensuring compliancy, layout correctness and consistency.

Uniquely, in AI, Container-based pages (like any pages on any AI site) can be personalised in any way… allowing for all container content, text and imagery to be selected dynamically based on the user’s profile and past online behaviours!

The Solution

TMV are now able to manage all of their paid events, sponsored HotView articles and web-site and email banner advertising via a new built-in calendar control inside the AI CMS, making it very much easier to ensure that there are no overlaps (and gaps) in the business’ sponsored advertising agenda.

Al data entered in the calendar or other CMS entry points are unified in real-time across the site, updating multiple pages automatically.

AI Digital Marketing Tools

Please just take a moment to understand the level of insight provided by our AI MA reports as indicated in the user report to the left, which describes any (known or anonymous) individual’s interaction with both TMV’s web site and their email marketing campaigns:

  • This detail has allowed TMV to measure the success of their campaigns and optimise them over time
  • The tagged data shows the interests of every user, highlighting trends and information that help TMV to  focus their intentions and generate automated user profiling
  • Access to which reports are downloaded and read by subscribers allows TMV to promote new reports to the right target audience
  • When automated journeys are created, content of any part of any page can be personalised when a user reaches a certain point based on their prior behaviours
  • Step-by-step content managed user journeys allow for automating re-marketing, welcome journeys, cascading renewal notifications, among many others

Solution highlights

  • 37,927,266
    Emails delivered to subscribers and counting…
  • 27,122
    Articles and reports published
  • 18,500
    Registered subscribers
  • 97%
    Deliverability of emails to subscribers, including public sector bodies!
  • 13,324
    Automated GDPR requests and updates
  • 4,307
    Email campaigns despatched
  • >360,000
    Page views per month
  • 330+
    Advanced content searches per day
  • 1148
    Published research articles and reports

TMV is now in its 12th year as our valued customer

  •  With the statistics published above, you can see this has been a great win-win partnership and one that continues with the new site published in June 2019
  •  Collaborative yearly reviews allow us to add value with new features already being planned for the future
  •  We will continue to innovate and deliver customer excellence for many years to come…

"Thought you might like to see some of the great feedback we've had from the team post go-live (below). It's easy to lose site of the bigger picture when you're in the fray - it does look really great, many thanks to you all!" 
Tola Sargeant, Managing Director

Navigates well on a touchscreen/mobile device too – good job all!
Martin Courtney

"...and so say I. It really has moved the dial significantly"
Duncan Aitchison

"Completely agree - looks great and a massive step forward. Well done all involved"
Marc Hardwick

"The website looks great. I can only imagine the work that has gone into it. Huge congrats"
Angela Eager

"This was a huge undertaking and much kudos goes to Tola and Becci in particular (and of course our friends at S-Digital) for bringing TMV’s online presence into the 21st century! There is so much we will be able to do now that we couldn’t do before to make our content and services even more engaging for our clients. Can’t wait ;o)"
Anthony Miller, Managing Partner