Case study

Sodexo Student Payments

Sodexo is the worldwide leader in Quality of Life services, now operating for over 50 years and backed by nearly 425,000 employees in 80 countries across the globe. With now over 75 million customers each and every day enable us to reinforce the well-being of individuals, improving their effectiveness and helping companies and organisations to improve performance.

The Brief

Sodexo required a CMS supporting central management of multiple ‘client organisations’, including full branding control to enable customer payments for catering services. Each managed site presents an intuitive and responsive design; the audience would mainly be mobile users. Required multi-currency support, including Sterling and Euros for top-ups, payment history and account details. Securely integrates with Global Payment’s 'Pay Page 2.0' payment gateway, ClarityLive and Verifone back-end APIs.

The Objectives

  • A CMS based solution allowing multiple 'clients' to be setup and content managed by a central administration function. As well as managing multiple sites from one CMS, each client has its own branding 'control' covering fonts, imagery, logo, colours and URL
  • Each managed site presented an intuitive and responsive design; this was especially important since it would be used by a disproprtionally high volume of mobile and tablet users
  • Integrate with Global Payments 'Pay Page 2.0' secure payment gateway
  • Integrate with ClarityLive and Verifone back-end APIs
  • Provide multi-currency support for Sterling and Euro payments
  • Present an intuitive UI allowing user control of top-ups, payment history and account details

The Solution

The solution was based on our AbsolutelyInteractive CMS solution, taking advantage of its open architecture, especially in regard to design flexibility and third-party integration.

Existing customer details held by the outgoing Omnico system were migrated into the new AbsolutelyInteractive content managed website by means of a one-off CSV import.  Authentication was achieved against existing customer and options were added to support new customer registrations, logins and forgotten password.

The website integrated with the API provided by ClarityLive in order to manage customer account information. E.g. adding new customer card details, updating balance (based on top-up amount), retrieving statement of balance, etc. In addition, the system integrated with Global Payment in order to process secure customer top-ups and confirming the status of each transaction accordingly.

AbsolutelyInteractive provided Sodexo staff with the ability to content manage style options for each of their clients. This included header, footer, logo, font, colourways and background images. Each brand was uniquely identified by a Brand ID within the system. Each brand could also be setup with a unique and friendly URL.

Within AbsolutelyInteractive, roles were defined to control access privileges, such as whether an administrator was allowed to create new brands or just manage one or more specific brands.

The Outcome

This highly complex solution went live in early 2016 and delivered against all requirements, budgetary and timeframe targets following extensive smoke and user acceptance testing.

We worked very closely with various parts of Sodexo to ensure its success, including their planning, networking, IT, marketing and sales teams.

Since its launch, it has been setup for many Sodexo clients including a number of universities in the UK, please see more relating to the Sodexo Services.