Case study

Omron Americas interactive e-learning solution

We built "The Hub" a few years ago for Omron Americas and now it has a new e-learning module, allowing distributors/resellers to gain knowledge of (and certification to sell from) Omron Americas' wide product range

The problem

Designing and delivering an extension to 'The Hub' to enable distributors to gain knowledge and demonstrate understanding of the highly technical products manufactured by Omron Americas and to allow Omron to ensure that distributors are complying

The approach

We designed a simple solution allowing users to watch video courses and undertake multi-choice tests to qualify against a predefined score for successful course completion. Omron can create and content manage their own courses, videos, pass rates and execute reporting to understand how well distributors' are gaining the required knowledge criteria

The outcome

Distributors gain knowledge and receive certificates for all courses passed and Omron have thus gained a highly cost-effective platform that has no limits to how many courses are made available and used by distributors.

Content Managed Solution

Omron Americas can manage and create multiple courses/videos and publish these to 'The Hub', which automates  email-based announcements of (and access to) new courses for all qualifying distributors.

Management of the courses is simplicity itself, as can be seen from the accompanying screen grab.  

Customer Experience (CX)

The CX could not be easier either. Distributors simply login as usual to 'The Hub' and, via the new E-Learning menu, they can access and also see their progress/status against all of the available courses.

When the distributor has passed the qualifying test, they then have can download a personalised certificate, similar the one below:

Certificate Example

All of the course video content, quiz sections, results and appears on the same web page, and panels are revealed for each section as the learner progresses. The status of each course is retained, allowing learners to also continue where they left off between sessions. 

Distributors course status can also be reset by Omron to ensure that refresher courses are taken.

This solution is is cost-effective, powerful and easy to use. It delivers great benefits to manufacturing businesses and maybe of great help to your organisation too. Especially given that COVID-19 has prevented classroom training and may continue to do so for some time...


Chris Rodbourne
MD, S-Digital