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MedicAlert UK Mobile App

MedicAlert UK's new mobile app - built by S-Digital

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Instant access to medical records and emergency contacts for all MedicAlert members

We're pleased to have built MedicAlert's first mobile application

The new app delivers ease of use and secure access to MedicAlert member's medical
records, medical contacts, support information and emergency contact numbers

Wide audience support

We've designed and built the app from the ground up, emphasising ease of use and wide-ranging compatibility with older phones and operating systems to ensure full coverage to all of MedicAlert's members

Future-proofed approach

We built the iOS and Android apps natively to take advantage of each system's key capabilities. Our API authenticates and returns data from our centralised, automated MedicAlert solution and can be expanded any time

Accessibility and ease of use

Our design is mindful of the wide variety of members' ages and medical conditions. The secure process to gain access to a member's medical data uses the member's own memorable data and could not be easier to use

MedicAlert's new mobile app

Simple and economical design

The app's simple and economical design is suited to all users, with instructions for accessing refreshable, essential information on a single, scrollable screen:

Virtual Wallet Card Virtual Wallet Card

The information is also available as a beautifully formatted PDF that can be presented or sent to medical staff, carers and emergency services.

Ease of use - anytime, anywhere

The apps allow users to refresh their local data as needed, so even if the user is offline, they'll have access to their last data and PDF - anytime, anywhere

We built the APP and API

Security, performance, reliability and maintainability

For all of those people who care about the underlying finesse with which applications are built and perform, we created a REST API that talks directly to reliable endpoints from the iOS and Android apps to our complex database and integration framework.

We've even built Marketing Automation triggers into the API, allowing MedicAlert's marketers to build welcome, renewal and survey journeys from triggers in the apps that detect first-time authentications, logins, PDF downloads and other behaviours.

The applications are thus fundamentally and completely integrated with our centralised and automated MedicAlert online solution