AbsolutelyInteractive v4

Put you feet up and let AI handle the legwork

We've been busy making improvements

Over the last few years of innovating, fine-tuning and drinking plenty of coffee, we've completed absolutelyinteractive v4 and made Containers and Business Process Automation available to our customers. More latterly, we've also commenced work on AI v5 (due in 2020)


A new branch of the original AI v3 source code was created allowing us to introduce new features and UI improvements for our customers


The container model development begins. We wanted our clients to be able to create their own page layouts using a pre-defined list of content blocks in any order and fully responsive


Update to our container page builder to allow our MA clients the ability to create personalised page variants of any container pages based on user behaviours/status


Reworked the AI Assets page to allow you to drag and drop assets into the browser for painless uploads. As well as adding thumbnail and video previews and icon associations


Introduction of a new GDPR area within AI, which allows our AI v4 clients to provide CRM data access to users, plus the ability to request access and removal of data


A new MA-enabled workflow automation system is now fully content managed and allows you to model business processes that can be triggered from your web site


New asset tools to add captions/notes and search all assets across virtual folders


Extending the UI even further and adding host of additional tools for release in late 2020


A host of new container types added to the v4 product, bringing the total to over 60 layouts

AI v5

Introduces new UI/UX concepts to make AI even easier to use by utilising more screen real-estate to focus on your marketing and content management activities. We're also further optimising and extending many user processes and introducing more reporting and system status tools


Ideal for landing and service pages. 60+ container types let you design your own layouts

Built in Image Editing

Resize, crop and apply filters to your image assets inside AI

Fully Responsive

Each container element is designed with mobile in mind making them fully responsive across devices

Easy Ordering

Want to re-order the structure of your pages, not a problem with the container model



60+ containers not enough? We can create fully customisable container layouts for your site

A New UI

AI v4 sports a new, larger UI with many quality of life improvements making AI even easier and more intuitive to use. We've added a number of performance improvements too

Drag and Drop Asset Upload and Image Editing

Uploading multiple assets shouldn't be difficult and nor is it with AI v4, simply drag a folder from your desktop into your chosen AI Asset folder and away you go. Once uploaded, you can also edit your images inside AI

GDPR Compliance

We've introduced features in AI v4 that allows your users to gain access and amend any personal data you hold within AI. Your GDPR page is fully content managed, also allowing users to understand how you use their data and offering them a 'request removal' notification system that fully complies with users' rights to be 'forgotten'.

Learn more

With an upgrade to AI v4, we can update areas of your website such as your landing, about or service pages to give you full control over layouts. Containers are especially useful for landing pages, as you create anything from a simple, single message through to more complex pages containing multiple sections, videos, forms, background images and even maps.

Simply give us a call on 01908 889760 or email sales@s-digital.co.uk and let's discuss your upgrade options.

The costs vary depending on the complexity of your website and which upgrade options you are looking to include..

1. AI v4 Only (Improved UI/UX, MA journey builder, assets uploaded)

2. AI v4 & GDPR Update

3. AI v4 & Container Page Builder

4 AI v4, GDPR & Container Page Builder

Please get in touch to discuss further.

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