The digital world changes rapidly and we constantly reflect this in the relevancy of our key solutions and services.

We haven't changed our unswerving passion to create solutions that deliver clever and innovative benefits, gain more valuable insights and generate better leads, close sales and help our customers deliver more for less...

However, the values that we espouse have shifted a little bit... there's less emphasis on compliancy (that's a given from us anyway) but more on providing our customers with solutions that simplify their jobs, streamline achieving their objectives and delivering satisfaction all round (including that of their employees).

The shift is also reflected in our recent successes (see Webtec's latest case study) and also in our future AI Roadmap. With AI v5 launching now (22Q2), we'll be delivering more solutions in the coming months that automate profiling visitors into Cohorts based on their behaviours and preference - these Cohorts are then used to automate personalisation of campaigns and web site content - you heard it here first! It really is immensely powerful and useful.

We always look forward to working with our customers and to welcoming the opportunity to deliver our rare mixture of digital solutions alongside our team's friendly and approachable expertise!

Of course, we'll keep everyone posted on AI v5 and future updates as they are rolled out...

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