Enabling and understanding your clients' futures

The factors at play:

  1. Old tech no longer cuts it - traditional methods remain relevant but are enhanced and become weightier when supported by a modern marketing technology stack - one that is integrated with other customer touchpoints and channels
  2. People now have expectations of digital experiences that are imaginative, timely, fun, and surprising. Shifting customer behaviors thus translate into new challenges and opportunities for digital marketers
  3. People live in a 'mobile' world - this is the platform that really matters - for your web site and for specific tasks in the mobile app marketplace
  4. Optimisation, evolution and information factors have been independently developing for a while but will be increasingly important as we move to the future

So what does this mean for you?

  1. Rely on your knowledge of your customers but supplement that knowledge with useful and insightful analytics to improve it - we aren't talking about counting site visits but an understanding of what people want and do when they arrive on your site...
  2. Use technologies (see below) to build a more intimate knowledge of individual user's behaviours and preferences. Use this to deliver timely offers and customer experiences
  3. If you can understand the practical technology options available to you (please speak to us!) to communicate and engage with your users then you can shake off the traditional marketing methods and move fully armed into the 'new'
  4. Be creative and use your intelligence to deliver personalised, meaningful and worthwhile experiences automatically
  5. Build loyalty, offer kindness and be honest. Your customers are people and they will appreciate your candour

Okay, the above sounds like just 'good practice', so let's see what the future really holds...


A digital experience platform (DXP) is an integrated set of core technologies that support the composition, management, delivery and optimisation of contextualized digital experiences.

Rather than trying to pair multiple third-party web technologies, which can be a never-ending nightmare, our AI solution is already fully integrated and represents a single system to learn and leverage - CMS, CRM, Forms, Email Marketing and Landing Pages, eCommerceMarketing Automation and Business Process Automation.

Where you will undoubtedly have other parts of your stack, such as more comprehensive CRM, ERP and Accounts Systems and integrating these can be a massive winner - let us integrate these too...

The Strategy

Stay relevant and keep your strategy fresh. New technologies allow you to be faster and more flexible but these are your tools not your masters.


  1. Adding vocal and visual interactions to your mix via chat, chatbots, webinars, video conferencing, virtual shows, etc
  2. Making assets and customer content more available accessible via our new Structured (Headless) CMS API
  3. Utilising deeper analytics (beyond GA) to discover what individuals are researching or looking at - improve results for common site searches, add dynamic promotion engines, loyalty programmes, etc
  4. Confirm compliance with new privacy rules, ensure that your data become reliable and that capture methods remain permissable and accurate
  5. Take advantage of machine intelligence (where it is possible and relevant). We will have more to say on this subject in due course...

We believe that healthiest way to approach the future is to realise that technologies can augment the creative aspects of digital marketing. Automation allows marketers to devote more valuable time to creating new ways to interact with audience cohorts and individual customers to generate better business results and improve services and brand loyalty.


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