Simple Integration Series

We are talking about integrating your web solution with a few important back-office technologies - the type of straightforward work that generates big benefits and operates seamlessely. We aren't discussing costly, long-winded integrations that also require you to change your business processes...

ERP - Integration benefits

When your web site is integrated with your external ERP (such as Epicor and Sage) it enables, not least, the following benefits:

  • E-commerce:
    • The product data presented to customers (say within your e-commerce portal) is drawn from the ERP solution, so product specifications are always up to date and management of these data are centralised and controlled
    • Pricing and stock information is centralised and accurately shared through the web channel
    • Business process automations built into your ERP platform can trigger actions on the web site, like 'no stock' situations automatically withdrawing products from sale
    • Centralised discounting and promotions can be pushed to the site
  • Payments and orders:
    • Orders taken on the site can be merged into your payment processes, such as in Sage and passing and validating all customer/account information is seamless
    • Handling manufacturing and fulfilment information to the customer via the web site is essential
    • Retrieving past order information is also an expectation of many customers, especially in B2B where distributors or resellers may just want to 'one-click' to re-order
  • Although there's overlap with CRM, centralised account management allows, say, distributor discounts to be managed centrally and manifest on the site by altering pricing automatically 
  • Honestly, the list goes on...

We can deliver these benefits and many more if your ERP platform has a modern API (and most do), please contact us to discuss further...

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