Our AI solutions provide all of the features needed for your e-commerce requirements



Out of the box, our AI and bespoke solutions draw on many years of developing custom e-commerce solutions based on building blocks that cut the cost of delivering solutions to you.

Main benefits

Dynamic product catalogues

All aspects of product catalogue whether integrated with your ERP system or via file import can be represented inside AI. Every customer's data are different, whether its related assets such as documentation or videos that need to be aligned to products, ranges or other classifications or whether its price breaks, batch sizes or indeed any other attributes related to your products, AI can handle it where off-the-shelf systems simply can't

Basket/cart and promotion features

We have building blocks that allow us to produce your perfect online customer experience. Create simple or complex promotions based on cart contents, user profile, basket values to reward customers for their loyalty or present your sales offers. AI can deliver, again where off-the-shelf systems fall short

More benefits

Payment options

We have integrated our customers' eCommerce solutions with most payment gateways available, via credit/debit cards, bank transfers, PayPal, direct debits, standing orders, BPAY payments (Australia), cheque processing, etc and can do the same for you

Business Process Automation

When your eCommerce solution is linked to our Marketing and Business Process Automation capabilities, everything from driving and engaging the customer through to purchase, order reviews and payments, stock level adjustments and fulfilment can be automated!